Someone Please Give Me All Of These HATS

I love hats. Always have! Sadly, because I move around so much I haven't been able to keep a consistent collection. In the past I've bought some amazing wide brimmed hats from vintage shops, a few from fast fashion stores like Zara, and have even rocked several hand made beauties but have had to leave them behind for the sheer inconvenience of transporting them internationally. Now that I'm back to living in one place I'm ready to commit to some more serious accessories that don't necessarily need to be suitcase-proof. 

Instead I'd like to think more about how to keep the hat on my head. As I was browsing Polyvore for some cute inspiration it dawned on me: I need to invest in a hat pin! In case you haven't heard of it, a hat pin is a kind of needle stuck through your hat and hair that helps hold the hat in place. Popular in the late 1800's to early 1920's, hat pins came in all shapes and lengths. Although hat pins and hats in general have become practically obsolete since the mid 20th century, I'm eager to try out the vintage fashion accessory for myself.

I did a little web surfing and found some rather interesting results: there is no YouTube video tutorial for using a hat pin (which is actually a little surprising considering that high society women in England probably still use them on the regular), there is a hatpin society of people who collect hat pins, and city women of the early 1900's liked to use their long hat pins as self defense against sexual harassment. That last bit was a rather exciting read.

Anyway, i just wanted to share a little bit of my latest obsession. Ever since my latest millinery purchase I've been on the lookout for more gems. Here are some hats I'm loving right now:

Ecote Kendall Teal Felt Panama Hat from Urban Outfitters

I love this hat for its wide brim and tall frontal section. Reminiscent of the classic Panama hat, this felt wonder takes you to a new level of chic. I'm still deciding whether to order the teal or camel. What do you think?

Forte Forte Classic Panama Hat 

This slightly floppier brimmed beauty is a perfect staple for anyone obsessed with high quality pieces. Made from 100% wool, this baby will not only look amazing, but will last you through the ages. Honestly, I'd never be able to choose one. They look amazing in both black and white versions.

AKIRA Wool Felt Panama Hat in Rust & Wide Brim Panama Hat in Olive

Although rust may not be my most flattering color, it is still at the top of my list as far as fall tones go. Gorgeous with navy blue, greens, golds, and amazing with gray, this floppy brimmed baby is definitely worth the lust (it's affordable, btw just click). If I had either of these two beauties I'd for sure wear them with a deep berry lip or even a muted brown lip like Clinique's Cola Pop lip color.

Lucky Brand Heathered Panama Hat

When it comes to neutrals, it's always a good idea to frame your face with them, especially if you're going to do a bold lip or eye. I particularly like this heathered look because it has a bit more texture and a hat pin included! That's awesome.

Hopefully my hat collection will start to grow again before I pack up and leave for New York next year or the year after. In the meantime, do let me know which of these you like most below :)