Tallulah 01 - A Must Have Among Art Addicts

A few months ago I stopped sending job applications. I gave up on something I guess I never really wanted to go back to anyway. Honestly, I think I've actually known it for a while, I just didn't want to admit that I'm completely over the chapter of my life that involves working at an office. I never really enjoyed getting up before sunrise and wasting all that makeup just to sit at a desk all day, surrounded by people I didn't know how to befriend (or really want to anyway). Freelancing was okay, but it was a real drain to have to constantly look for new clients and convince them that I can do the work just as well if I can stay away from headquarters.

These days I'm at home all day, searching my soul for new melodies, new angles, new ideas. Sometimes I sit around and draw, other days I'm watching documentaries, today I did a little DIY... but most of all I'm on a personal journey. As visual and performing artist, I think it's in every creative person's best interest to sit back and realize their direction every few years. "Naw, girl, you just a housewife," says basically everybody who doesn't get it. But actually, I'm not. 

Now, you may think it's great to be able to sit around at home all day and "do nothing," but for a restless person like me, it's really not. I constantly need to be doing something. Like I said, I find things to kill time but I'm also restlessly searching for inspiration. And that's where Tallulah comes in.

In the first few lines of Tallulah magazine, the editor, Daniel Dunt, introduces readers to a new world of contemporary design and art from around the world. But instead of being all snobby about it with some complicated "elite" language, Dunt encourages Tallulah readers to tear out pages of the magazine to hang up on their walls at home. I love that. As I flipped through the 100 matte pages I immediately felt a sense of discovery wash over. It's exactly the kind of boutique level magazine one needs to get inspired. This first issue is buzzing with photography, collage art, paintings, fashion, and even an interview with Ukrainian fashion designer Ksenia Schnaider who you may remember from a few posts ago. I'm a fan of Tallulah and look forward to the next edition, which comes out during the second half of the year. In fact, I've already hung up my favorite pages on my "mood wall." Take a look and let me know what you think!

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 Flipping through luxury art magazine, Tallulah. Highly recommended biannual contemporary art and design publication. See the full review at www.MarinaSays.com
 Having a cozy read of Tallulah contemporary art and design publication 01! Discover more about the magazine and other quirky-lux lifestyle essentials at www.MarinaSays.com
 A look into a new biannual contemporary art and design magazine, curated for inspiration. More lifestyle and fashion for twenty-somethings at www.MarinaSays.com
 Photography, collage art, paintings, and fashion you can tear out and hang in your room! Find out more about Tallulah at www.MARINASAYS.com 
 Discover quirky-lux lifestyle essentials with www.MARINASAYS.com - featuring Tallulah magazine.
 Mood wall by www.MarinaSays.com featuring Audrey Hepburn and artwork from the first issue of Tallulah magazine.
 Mood wall by www.MarinaSays.com - featurinf artwork as seen in Tallulah magazine + an easy DIY! 
 A full review of Tallulah 01 - a magazine that doubles as a work of art! More at www.MARINASAYS.com