Mauve Mood NYX Matte Lipsticks

It hasn't been long since NYX came to Prague... unfortunately, the physical store is nearly impossible to shop at, due to the absolute lack of product and crazy number of customers. All the popular colors that you see online are simply not there. I've been a few times, each time in search of some color I saw on a review or photo, but the store always seems to be "out" of those colors. I even overheard a customer complaining about how "all the bloggers get to have first pick" at the new shipments, but I'm a blogger and nobody called me... I guess I'm not on their "it list." Ha!

The world of blogging can be quite harsh. Things aren't always as pleasant as they seem, the smiles and positivity are just a sugar coating on a lot of sweat and grime. Why? Because blogging is basically a popularity contest. Fortunately for me, I've always known I'm not the popular type and am fine with that (as long as people actually come here to read posts, not just scroll down blindly), but not every blogger can deal with the social issues that come with the job.

Let me give you an example: in a small country like the Czech Republic or Slovakia, the blogging sphere is very tight knit. All the girls (and guys) seem to know eachother and hang out. They go on vacations together, they represent many of the same brands, and are always taking photos of eachother for Instagram. If you just so happen to not be their "type," or have no interest in being friends with them (me, lol), then you simply miss out on all the "exclusive" offers they make happen for each other. Many of the bloggers I have met here have a friend who works for some brand, or parents/sugar daddies who give them endless buckets of money to shop with, a connection that hooks them up with some cushy job from which they extract fashion opportunities or magazine exclusives. It's all very connection based. If your skin isn't too thick, this can be a hard slap in the face when you're starting out.

Another thing so many people don't realize is the man hours it takes to successfully run something like this. I assume that's why so many "bloggers" write half a paragraph to publish. Finding all the pieces you want to wear for an outfit post takes time. Going out and taking photos takes time (and scheduling, since photographers aren't always free 24/7). Writing a meaningful post can take time. Then you need to go out and schedule social media posts about your new post. After that you need to work on your marketing methods (commenting on other blogs, advertising, etc.). It's no walk in the park, let me tell you that... and I'm not even what most people would call "successful"!

Last, but certainly not least, is the way a blogger interprets "success." For some, success is when their blog has x number of visitors a week, or even x number of comments per blog post. For others, the goal is met when they start getting free products to review, or even some pocket change here and there for a blog post. Many count their achievements in the form of money earned from advertising or whatever. For me, success is when I get meaningful comments below a post. I like to know that someone out there is actually reading this, that I'm not just typing into a complete void in the cybersphere. Of course, I love working with brands who offer me products or money, but it's really the honesty and space to be me that I enjoy the most.

What I was trying to say by all this is just that I ended up ordering my pick of NYX lipsticks online (asos, duh). Below I'm showing you Honeymoon and Up the Bass. They both stay on feirly long for the price, but do start to feel a bit dry after several hours of use. I recommend using alongside a lip balm or matte gloss.

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