Rainy Day Go Away | Things To Do When The Weather Sucks

It's been a cloudy few days in Prague lately. I'm not one of those people who likes rain. In fact, I can't stand it. I get headaches from the dull light and the pressure of the clouds, I hate the sensation of being wet (especially when drops fall from the tops pf buildings right onto your head - ew!), and I always, always, get sick at least once before winter. As a matter of fact, I'm just getting over a cold right now. What's worse, I hear we're getting an early batch of snow as soon as this coming weekend! And with today's pathetic 12C, I believe it.

Anyway, enough complaining. What I actually wanted to write about today is a few cool ways for people like me (people who hate rain!) to start enjoying the weather and the situations it puts us in.

Indoor activities:

  • Drawing, sketching, painting. I know it sounds cliche and boring, but once you find a subject you're interested in the magic just flows right out. Get inspired with this easy tutorial.
  • Adult coloring books (No, it's not p_rn). If the rain's got you stressed out, these coloring books can be a major source of calm for you. A friend of mine recently picked one up and is loving it. I recommend Secret Garden & Animal Kingdom but you can also try these free printable flowers in a circle, this full page of floral designs, and this cool owl.
  • Collage art. Nothing gets me going like the prospect of making something out of nothing. If you've got old magazines and a stick of glue laying around, collage art might just be your new favorite hobby. Some artists that inspire me are:
    • @spinnerweb - Susan's style is vintage meets abstract, borderline surrealism. It reminds me of a modern-day Magritte. 
    • @eugenia_loli - Eurgenia is a filmmaker and collage artist who used to work in tech. Talk about a girl of many talents! Her work is bold and full of life and definitely worth getting inspired from.
    • @laboli - Patricia's pieces are definitely in hipster category, with an almost minimal steampunk kind of feel.
    • @the.daily.splice - Adam may actually be my favorite collage artist. His works are minimal, up to date, and fashionably sound. I love the simplicity and apparent thought behind each piece.
    • @brendabogart - Brenda is different than the others in that her collage artworks are faces and places made completely out of scraps. WhenI do collage, it looks a lot like Brenda's.
  • Reading. It's time to start reading that book your grandma gave you for your birthday last year. I happen to be pretty into historical fiction books like The Nightingale on Kindle. I highly recommend it! If you'd rather just read off your phone or computer try some of these free reads:
  • Writing. Grab a cup of hot tea or coffee and start putting pen to paper. Whether you're writing in your journal or blogging, writing is a great way to wind down and get inspired. You can do this when you get home from school or work or first thing in the morning to record your dreams. 
  • Poetry. Try writing poetry! See some inspirational themes below.
  • Do some awesome DIY projects - obviously! I just recently made some home made candles with my hubby bubby. For some inspiration in the DIY sector, definitely follow me on Pinterest.
  • Have a bubble bath. Whether you're into essential oils for your soak or a frothy heap of bubbles, a bath is a wonderful way to wind down your muscles and get some of that valuable "me time."
  • Have a movie marathon alone or with friends. I've been wanting to have a Harry Potter weekend for a while now. You know, with a pint of butter beer and some of those special beans? 
  • Pamper yourself! No, I am not joking. Get off your computer and throw on a face mask or a hair mask. If you have all day, why not do your nails too? Here's a scrub I like to use on my face and body. It's great for fighting cellulite, bee tee dubs.
  • Cooking & baking. It's that time of year, people. Get to the kitchen and start whipping up some delicious treats! I'm obsessed with apples right now, so here's a great list of dinner recipes featuring apples.
  • Host a dinner party. If the rain makes you anti-social, try inviting some people over for a dinner party or cocktail party at your place! You can do it pot-luck style or make everything yourself, it's up to you. It's a great way to get into the spirit of the upcoming holidays, especially if you live far away from your family. 

Outdoor activities:

  • Do some gardening. If you're lucky enough to have a yard or even a small patch of grass, now is the perfect time to pull away at any weeds or do some pruning. Here are some tips for extensive rain gardening.
  • Go find some leaves to draw, make a collage from, or press.
  • Experiment with photography in the rain. Think puddles, raindrops on glass, people going by, etc.
  • Write a song in the rain. Just make sure you have a good pair of shoes & waterproof coat so you don't get sick.
  • If inviting your friends over isn't your thing, go out to your favorite coffee/food/liquor spot in town with a friend. It's a great way to distract yourself from the bitter wet weather.
  • Go to the movies, go see a play, head out to a comedy club, take advantage of that free Museum Sunday - seriously, this is what rainy days were made for! 
  • Treat yourself to a date at the sauna. There are plenty of groupons to be had for the steamroom, local hot spring, and other such experiences. 
  • If you have someone to kiss... go make out in the rain just for the hell of it. If you don't have someone to kiss, go find someone :)
  • If you live near water, take a boat ride or go for a quick swim. Just make sure you keep warm afterwards!
  • Get out of town. If you hate rain as much as I do, it might actually be worth it to take a weekend trip to a town nearby where the clouds aren't crying yet. 

So, there it is! The great list of things to do indoors and outdoors for grown ups! I hope you found this useful and that come your next rainy day you don't be too depressed to try at least one of these activities. 

Some topics of inspiration for any drawing, poetry, collage:

  • A life choice you recently made
  • Finding new friends
  • Forgetting old memories
  • Your greatest fear
  • Falling in love for the first time
  • A happy memory with a family member
  • The taste of a food you love
  • Your favorite superstition 
  • The sensation of grass, tiles, your favorite blanket
  • Your favorite (or least favorite) weather
  • A made up food from a fantasy book
  • Your hometown
  • A city you love or want to visit
  • An imaginary city
  • A random newspaper headline
  • Reflections in a window or glass
  • What it'd be like to be invisible
  • Time travel
  • What it feels like to leave home
  • The aroma of fresh baked pie, a hot cup of tea, your grandma's cooking
  • Things like that don't go together like a balloon and fire

I'd love to hear what your favorite things to do on a rainy day are! Let me know in the comments below or join in on the Linkup blogparty below :)