Tribal / Sporty / Casual Thrift Shop Buys

There's just something so refreshing about stepping out in an all-new outfit. Unfortunately, I'm not a rich kid. If I want to go shopping I've got to sit at my computer for hours typing away at contract writing gigs from sites like Elance, Remoteok, or whatever else. After a long two months of almost no work coming in, I've finally been able to see some numbers grow in my bank account after a random surge of requests coming in to my email for long and short term work. 

And what better way to celebrate than to go shopping? Okay, so I didn't go all that wild on the shopping since I won't get any of that paycheck until June, but I did get some cool buys on the budget that I think you'll like.

Mixing sporty and urban in one outfit /

I don't usually go for an athletic vibe, but with all this running around I've been doing for the last month it's almost inevitable to come home drenched in sweat right through my favorite cotton top. And no, that is not a good thing. So, I'm trying out the headband! Believe it or not, it actually keeps sweat out of my face and hair from constantly sticking to my lipstick. 

Want what I'm wearing?

  • Gray crop top - New Yorker (€4)
  • Head band - DM (€2)
  • Cork notebook - Tiger (€4)
  • Chartreuse sweater - Forever21 (if you like it, get this one)
  • Tribal pattern straight leg pants - Second Hand (if you like it, get this one)
  • Platform sandals - Zara (€15) (if you like those, you'll also like these and these
  • Leather mini tote back - Pull&Bear (€20) 

Would you wear this outfit? Let me know in the comments! :)