A Walking Bouquet of Roses

This summer has been busy AF. I've been making music, I've had a few friends and family visiting, I've even done some traveling myself! And that's not all; later this week I'll be off to the Tatra Mountains for a quick vacay, then to my bf's parent's house for a BBQ, and come September we are off to Japan! Crazy. I definitely didn't see this coming back in May when everyone seemed to be asking me about my plans for the summer. Where has the time gone?

When it comes to being a busy bee you either have the luxury of having a car to get from one place to another, or you take public transportation like I do. Thankfully, this year hasn't had any record breaking temperates (yet), so riding the tram has been memorably bearable, but whenever the sun starts baking north of 26C, a certain pungent European smell starts to bubble. If you live in Europe or have ever been here, I'm sure you've experienced that thick sour smell at some point. As a person who sweats a lot (and I mean, a lot), I have sympathy for the teens who just can't help it, but when it comes to adults who seem to have forgotten to change their shirt for a week, I say come on! Get it together, people

That's why last week as I was running errands between one coffee date and another I found myself helplessly wandering into Sephora for some midday refreshment. Since running out of my trusty Chloe roller ball perfume, I've been carrying sample size perfumes in my purse, but I recently ran out (because of all the traveling!). I realize this is a very unreliable way to smell fresh throughout the day, but finding a perfume that comes in a convenient sized bottle + smells good is actually harder than it seems. So, there I am, all sticky and sweaty with a million plastic bags around my wrist, sniffing from a little pink bottle at the front display at Sephora. As usual, I was just looking for something to spray myself with in order to retain at least some feeling of cleanliness, when I sprayed some of the Rosa by Tous perfume of my wrist. No joke, I actually walked out of the store, out of the mall, and across the street before I stopped dead in my tracks from the wonderful smell wafting up to my nostrils... ahhh, rose! Wonderful. 

It's a bit bigger than I'd like to have in my everyday clutch bag, but at least it'll last longer. I've tried a lot of rose-scented products before, but many of them just smell like "old lady perfume," so I never got to wear them very much. This one is nothing like that! Somehow the scent is consistently refreshing, even mood boosting. I definitely recommend this to anyone out there who likes feminine perfume smells that don't reek of teenage sexuality. It's sophisticated enough to pass as classy, I promise. 
To get this adorable, delectable rose perfume by Tous, order online or visit Sephora in the Czech Rep. And no, I wasn't paid to say that.

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