The Romper You Wish You Wore to Coachella

I'm 22 years old and have never been to a festival.

All of my friends have gone, but I've never been around to join. By the time they all get back with their new stories from the muddy drug infused tents I'm more than glad I didn't go. I guess I'm just not the festival attendee type.

But just because I haven't been doesn't mean I'm not an admirer. One of my favorite things about festival season is all the retro fashion that seems to temporarily resurface. All the skinny girls with long blonde hair in braids, black girls letting it their gorgeous natural hair go wild, Asian chicks getting extra sexy in clothes their parents would never approve... And the guys too, of course! How can you not love a quirky dude in hippie glasses and a barely there tanktop? :D

MarinaSays Urban Hippie with Flowers

But like I said, I'm not really a big partier. So when it comes to festival season I'm much more into enjoying the atmosphere from afar. This weekend I went shopping with my boyfriend to get him some new shirts and tees. I made it through an entire four stores without being tempted to buy anything for myself... until this baby showed up.

It was like love at first sight. Patchwork patterns, muted bright colors, v-neck, not a cap sleeve, and a romper! There was no way that a measly 30 Euros was going to get in the way between me and my destined summer favorite.

MarinaSays look - The Urban Hippie / 70's retro vibe
MarinaSays Urban Romper Detail with Accssories

Everything about this romper (or jumpsuit, if you like that word better) is reminiscent of the 70's vibe present at this year's Coachella. Better yet, it's a great transitional piece from lazy to chic. I chose to pair my new favorite romper with black platform sandals and my black leather purse from last week's post. Together with a half-up hairdo I get to keep than retro vibe without going completely out of style.

The same rules can apply to pretty much any festival outfit. If we're talking patterns, simply pair with solid outerwear and accessories. If your festival gear was all denim booty shorts, put together an outfit for a night out with some spectacular heels and a lace top. It really is that easy.

MarinaSays Urban Hippie Chic / Retro Romper from Zara
MarinaSays Urban Hippie Romper by Zara

Special thanks to Natalia for taking this week's photos!

See her street style look here.

Love the look? Shop it here:

  • Patchwork print jumpsuit - Zara
  • Platform black sandals - Zara 2014
  • Black leather purse - Pull&Bear
  • Gold + opal ring - family heirloom
  • Blueberry smoothie nail polish - Cathy Doll 
  • Fuzzy Coat top coat nail polish - Sally Hansen

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PS- Feel free to leave a link to your festival favorite festival look of the year.