Watch My Brother Do My Makeup! (Video)

A while back you voted on what my next video should be. Unfortunately my boyfriend took back his offer to do the look... lame, I know. But you can count on my brother to come to the rescue! You may remember him from some of my old videos from my original youtube channel. If not, watch this old classic :)

Now that my lil' bro is all grown up he's made his way through life to become a certified personal trainer. His muscles and deep voice make him the least qualified person to do makeup... right? Or do they?

Before making this video I let Mike watch a couple of my tutorials to see what tricks he picked up. It's pretty cool to watch him make up his own techniques (like the highlight down the face, a la Kim Kardashian). 

And now for the finished look...

MarinaSays - Little brother does my makeup!

What do you think? Did Miško do a good job? Let him know in the comments down under :)