White Linen Days

Don't wear white after Labor Day, they say! Well, I say I'm going to wear whatever I want, whenever I want. When it's hot as all hell out, there's not much else acceptable than a lightweight and breezy white linen dress. Of course, those of you who shop at Zara or Mango have probably seen this little number before, as the two shops have been selling very similar versions in the sales section for the past few weeks. I'm not here to promote those brands (even if I do shop there all the time!) because they're not paying me to, but I'd rather tell a story about how not abiding by the "rules" of society or social norm can actually help you find yourself.

In my life, I've found that bending the rules has almost always given me positive results. Now, I am not talking about breaking the law or doing anything life-threatening. I'm talking about little things like getting my fiber boost by taking a bag of popcorn to munch on while I go to work, pointing a finger at a well-loved brand for their truly atrocious customer service, pulling off a project nobody would expect me to even try... I have always done things my way, and in doing so have gained the respect of people I probably wouldn't have access to if I hadn't just walked the fine line between acceptable and f*cking crazy. 

And so, I'd like to ask you now: When was the last time you bent the rules? Did you succeed? What did you learn from it? 

 White linen dress, the ultimate hot weather outfit by www.MARINASAYS.com / Story for the week: taking risks! 
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